SNL’s schedule has been on and off this year, airing only two episodes each month, though fans might have noticed young star Pete Davidson notably absent in recent weeks. Davidson’s social media had also been threadbare before today, wherein the comedian announced he’d taken time off to concentrate on a newfound sobriety.

Davidson made the announcement over Instagram, clarifying that “I quit drugs and am happy and sober for the first time in 8 years.” The young SNL star has made multiple mentions of his marijuana use treating the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, though it remains unclear if said usage contributed to the problem, or what, if anything will supplant his treatment.

Presumably, “back in action” would refer to this coming weekend’s SNL show with Scarlett Johansson, though it remains unclear if Davidson will take part in any standout bits, including his frequently personal segments on Weekend Update.

While we wait for further news, check out one of Davidson’s recent bits below, and stay tuned for Johansson’s promos.

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