SNL proved a bit less mightier than The Avengers this past weekend, in spite of a few inspired bits with host Scarlett Johansson, but with only two installments of the 40th anniversary season left, Reese Witherspoon is in Hot Pursuit. Watch her and Aidy Bryant ditch out for a gorgeous spring day in our first look at the year’s penultimate SNL!

Not once, but twice do Saturday’s SNL host Reese Witherspoon and Aidy Bryant attempt to ditch out on promos for this weekends outing, the second time of which sees the pair looking to emulate Witherspoon’s revered Wild performance. Another spot has Aidy reminding Reese of the 14 years since her last hosting gig, during which she’d apparently lost a Smashmouth CD, but … well, music rights are expensive.

Witherspoon will make only her second hosting turn (having previously hosted the Season 27 premiere in September 2001, with Rudy Giuliani’s famous cold open) alongside musical guest Florence + The Machine, while Louis C.K. will close out the year next Saturday night with Rihanna as musical guest.

You can check out Reese’s SNL promos above, and stay tuned for the penultimate episode of Season 40 this weekend!

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