Saturday Night Live has a bad habit of retreating to recurring and generally unfunny characters and concepts when it needs to fill some time, so it's incredibly refreshing when they take on of these tired ideas and actually manage to make it funny. The Steve Harvey Show segments on SNL are usually "Time to grab some dinner and/or a beer!" segments, but with the help of guest host Kevin Hart, last night's sketch was one of the highlights of the episode. Watch it below!

The scene starts off rough with, Steve Harvey (Keenan Thompson) showing off pictures of dogs that look like him, but it soon takes off when Hart appears as a man with a crippling fear of horses. Between Thompson's hilariously incorrect pronunciation of "phobias" and Hart insistence that a horse's hooves hide five knife-like fingers, the sketch is already a winner...but then the stuffed horse shows up and we've now learned that there's nothing funnier than grown men being afraid of a stuffed horse.

Watch for yourself in the embed below!