When it was announced that Jeremy Renner was going to guest host Saturday Night Live, there was only one guarantee: there was going to an 'Avengers' sketch. After all, why waste the presence of one of Marvel's mightiest heroes? And more importantly, why waste the opportunity to make fun of Hawkeye, the Avenger who's only power is being really good with a bow and arrow?

Naturally, there's going to be translation issues when a sketch comedy show attempts to recreate a $200 million blockbuster. The result is a sketch so rough around the edges that it stops being cheesy and starts being charming. The awful superhero costumes combined with the awful set combined with the awful alien creatures ensures that this looks like one of the cheapest skits SNL has ever created, which is saying a lot. Still, performers' straight faces in the midst of numerous technical flubs while standing in heavily tailored pajamas ensures that this is a good time (even if it's not particularly funny).

The sketch is a riff on the climax of 'The Avengers,' with the team of superheroes assembled to take on an alien threat in New York City...but Hawkeye is out of arrows, so he's useless and wants to go home. The results aren't as funny as you'd hope, but it's definitely fun seeing Renner first in line to make fun of his easy to mock character.

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