One of the funniest characters in the history of Saturday Night Live made a triumphant return in last night's episode, providing the biggest laughs in the strongest episode of the season so far.

Bill Hader's Stefon may the greatest creation of the modern SNL era, a character who has no right to work but always brings the house down whenever he appears. An oddball New York hipster who only offers bizarre and often horrifying advice, Stefon routinely causes the usually unflappable Hader to break character and cover his giggles with his hands. And that's what makes the character a classic -- seeing a pro like Hader break down on live television is funnier than just about anything the writers can cook up.

Stefon stopped by Weekend Update and, at the behest of Seth Meyers, offered tourists a guide of what to see and do while they're in New York City for Halloween. In typical Stefon fashion, his recommendations watch the scene below!