Zack Snyder is going to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. In addition to releasing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in March, the director is prepping Justice League: Part One before presumably heading right back into work for Part Two. That should keep him occupied until at least sometime in 2018, but what will Snyder do next? More superhero movies? Maybe. But he also has a non-DC flick on his mind, and while it sounds a bit crazy, it really shouldn’t surprise you.

Snyder was profiled by Bloomberg Business, where he (obviously) spent a good deal of time talking Batman, Superman, DC, et al. If you stick with the profile, you’ll find this interesting bit near the bottom:

Meanwhile, Snyder is spending late nights in his cavernous office working on the upcoming Justice League movie. He’s also thinking about making films that aren’t comic book adaptations. Sort of. One of these days, he’d like to make one about George Washington in the style of 300. He has a picture in his office of the Revolutionary War hero crossing the icy Delaware on his way to decimate the British in the Battle of Trenton. “We were talking about it,” Snyder says. “The first thing we asked was, well, how are we going to make it look? I pointed at this painting. It looks like 300. It’s not that hard.”

IT’S NOT THAT HARD. Well, of course not — not when you’re Zack Snyder and you patented that whole cloudy, gritty and brown action movie aesthetic. It honestly wouldn’t come as a shock if we learned that Snyder has a special 300 camera filter setting, like Instagram, but instead of Valencia or Mayfair he taps a button that says “Sparta.”

To be fair, a 300-style movie about George Washington does sound kind of wild and wacky in a potentially entertaining way, but by the time Snyder finally gets some free time, he may have already moved on to something else. Not to mention that shooting two Justice League films essentially back-to-back seems like the sort of exhausting work that could age a man 10 years in just four — you know, like the presidency.

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