While the powers that be were toying with the idea of rebooting the Shaft movies (of which there have bee two) completely, New Line decided to finance a third sequel, bringing back Samuel L. Jackson, who played Shaft’s nephew in the original and his successor in the sequel. Both Jackson and O.G. Shaft Richard Roundtree are expected to return, along with newcomer Jessie T. Usher — but New Line isn’t the only company with Shaft in their sights.

Deadline reports that Netflix has made a deal with New Line for the streaming rights, agreeing to pay more than half of the film’s $30 million budget in exchange for the international rights and the streaming rights: the Shaft sequel will be on the streaming service two weeks after New Line releases it in the U.S.

This isn’t the first of these deals Netflix has made (it also released Beasts of No Nation in theaters before adding it to streaming in a similar model), but it is an encouraging step for those of us who were worried about Netflix’s penchant for nabbing the rights to movies it then buries in the depths of its impossible-to-navigate categories months later.

The Shaft sequel will involve three generations of the Shaft family working the same case: Usher will play Jackson’s son, a “young cyber expert FBI agent” who is forced to work with his estranged father on a case, igniting a battle of old school vs. new school. Three Shafts. Sh3ft. Just kidding, it’s called Son of Shaft, and it starts production this December with director Tim Story, if you can dig it.

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