If Microsoft thought it had a hold on the living room, the battle with Sony just got a bit more contentious as the Japanese company is seeking to bring subscription streaming to the PlayStation 4.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony has reached a deal with Viacom to stream channels like MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon through its planned pay service. This puts Sony ahead of competitors like Google and Intel, who are working on streaming television services of their own.

Microsoft already has a proprietary content plan in the works, but all of its television functionality comes through an actual cable provider. Sony's plan would give them the first true leg up in on-demand in the console space since Netflix and the Hulu became available. With this deal, Sony would bring that content to the its TVs and the PlayStation consoles sometime next year, though particulars still need to be nailed down.

There's no word on how much a subscription would cost, or if it would be included in the PlayStation Plus subscription, but more options are always a good thing when it comes to content.