'Spartacus,' meet 'Hercules'...3D. Liam McIntyre, the man who played the titular rebel slave on Starz's popular series, has come about Nu Image/Millennium's big-budget 'Hercules 3D' film starring Kellan Lutz. That enough beefcake for ya?

Just to be clear, this is not the 'Hercules' starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This is the competing film being helmed by Renny Harlin. Budgeted at $70 million, this Hercules is racing to beat the others to theaters, although that may be tricky, considering Paramount has already set the Brett Ratner version for a July 25, 2014 unveiling. Both films are scheduled to begin shooting in May.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "McIntyre will play a young army captain who becomes Hercules’ most trusted battlefield companion. After an evil king deceives them, Hercules and the captain are sold into slavery and must fight side by side to earn their freedom."

This will mark McIntyre's first post-'Spartacus' project. The Australian actor took over the role of 'Spartacus' in the series' second season after the original star, Andy Whitfield, passed away from cancer.

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