Besides TR-8R, the stun-baton wielding stormtrooper everyone is kinda freaking out about, the breakout character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was obviously BB-8, the rolling ball droid that everyone fell in love with. In addition to being a solid addition to the movie, BB-8 was also the hottest toy of the holiday season. The Sphero BB-8 was a huge success, but now that everyone has one, how do you continue that success? Well, you allow people to control their BB-8 with a simple wave of their hand.

Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sphero is planning on launching The Force Band, a watch-like device that will allow you to move your BB-8 around your home like a Jedi master.

Just like the current version of BB-8, which uses a downloadable app to control the droid, this watch will connect to the toy and allow gesture control. Because the wearable includes the same Inertial Measurement Unit found inside the droid, the Force Band will actually be a more precise way to move your BB-8 around. Also, 100% more fun because you get to wave your hand and watch BB-8 respond in kind.

The Force Band doesn’t have a set release date yet, but when it does hit shelves later this year (likely this fall, timed once again to Force Friday), it will be included with a brand new BB-8, the “Battle Worn BB-8” that looks more like the scuffed and dirty droid you see in the movie, rather than the shiny, polished toy that was originally released.

There will presumably be more downloadable updates and games for BB-8 as the months continue to keep you interested in that cute, little droid that doesn’t do much else other than look cute.