Spider-Man 3 truly is The Godfather III of its franchise: widely reviled as the weak point in a strong trilogy, fascinating in its own embarrassing and imperfect way, appreciated by some for what it is, but largely forgotten when compared to its towering predecessors. (More delightful still, this makes Topher Grace the Sofia Coppola of Spider-Man 3 by default.) But perhaps the film is due for a bit of a reappraisal, as an upcoming rerelease of the original trilogy has promised a recut version of the third installment. And in a fleeting surprise this past weekend, that new “editor’s cut” of the film popped up online for anyone to pore over.

io9 confirms that Amazon offered the new Spider-Man 3 up for digital rental or purchase to anyone who knew to look for it for roughly 24 hours before hastily taking it down. But some fans did squeeze in a quick viewing before the video was rendered unavailable, and their reports on this ostensibly ‘new’ cut of the film proved rather disappointing. The io9 item indicates that this extended version is actually shorter than the original, with multiple scenes or specific lines of dialogue cut entirely. The part where Willem Dafoe growls, “First, we attack his heart!” has, sadly, been nixed.

As far as new material goes, there’s not a whole lot to speak of beyond the reinstating of Christopher Young’s score. Aside from new music accompanying some scenes, the film adds a thrilling clip of Peter Parker soaring through the city in his all-black symbiote costume, unaware that an evil alien is hitching a ride on his back. For principled completists, it may be interesting to examine, but this doesn’t really sound like a convincing selling point for the upcoming rerelease.

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