With its July 3rd release only three weeks away, the marketing campaign for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' has left overdrive and entered total saturation mode. If you think you've seen a lot of Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield's new take on Spidey already, you just wait. In fact, a full clip from the film has made its way online. If you don't think you've seen enough and want to see Spider-Man take on a carjacker, read on!

The clip is the full version of a moment we've already seen in multiple trailers already, with Spider-Man confronting and confounding a two-bit car thief. The scene showcases a Spider-Man completely different than the one we saw in Sam Raimi's original trilogy of films. Tobey Maguire may have been a bit of a jokester, but he's nothing like Garfield's snarky, mischievous and often downright mean-spirited take on the wall-crawling crimefighter.

What do you think of this newer take on the character? Does it make you glad Maguire is no longer in the role or make you want him back?