For a fresh start with Spider-Man, Sony had to give him something distinctive. To set Tom Holland’s take on the webslinger apart from Tobey Maguire’s (and way, way apart from Andrew Garfield’s), the studio sent the hero back to high school and returned him to his teenage roots. Spider-Man: Homecoming aims to be a new take on the comic-book mythos all over, in fact — a new girlfriend in pop star Zendaya, the first onscreen appearance of the villainous Vulture, and with a new teaser unearthed today, we learned that a key piece of latter-day Spidey tech will make it movie debut as well.

The 17-second clip finds Peter Parker receiving a mysterious gift from one “T.S.,” understood to be Tony Stark. Shot from Parker’s point-of-view, we have a run-in with Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau, as good a sport as ever) who ensures that Parker got the case and its valuable contents. But what “upgrade” awaits our web-headed friend? As we see in the final shot of the teaser, this spider can fly.

If I may momentarily slide my nerd glasses up the bridge of my nose: the under-arm webbing had been a feature of Spider-Man’s costume since his very first appearance in Amazing Fantasy, but the fact that Spidey receives this as a gift from Tony Stark in the wake of Civil War suggests we may be dealing with the so-called “Iron Spider” armor. In the comics, Stark armed his new ally Spidey with a stylish and sophisticated new suit that had a neat read-and-yellow insectoid design and, most importantly, three “waldoes” that could shoot out and stab anything nearby. It looks like this. It looks like the film will ditch the color scheme, and while there’s no outright evidence that the waldoes will make an appearance, we can still hold out hope that they’re still saving some surprises for later. Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7, 2017.

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