We'll be completely honest: we have no idea what's going on here. But it does involve 'Amazing Spider-Man' stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone singing a made-up Spider-Man song in German.

There's probably a story behind this video, but it's better not knowing what's going on.  Are there versions in other languages? Where's the one in Cantonese?

If this video is doing anything - and it's not hitting the top of the iTunes charts, that's for sure - it's reminding everyone that Garfield and Stone, have some legitimate chemistry. The co-stars are dating in real life and after watching this video, you almost want to tell them to get a room.

If you're not sold on the weird "untold story of Spider-Man" angle that Sony is pushing for this new film, maybe the relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy will help? Or maybe you just want to see two young actors cute their way through a German promotional appearance with song?  Either way, check out the quick little video below.