'Spring Breakers' - the upcoming crime film starring James Franco, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens - is about to premiere at the Venice Film Festival next week. In anticipation of its debut, the first clip from the film is online. And while there is no Franco and no bank robbery, it does show a very different side of its Disney-fied cast and hints at bad things to come.

'Spring Breakers' follow a group of girls who, instead of taking off for Cancun or Panama Beach for Spring Break, are instead inspired to rob a bank. They get bailed out by a would-be gangster (Franco), who want them to kill his rival as payback.

In the clip below, we start to see the seeds of how a group of teenage girls can be convinced to rob a bank. Gomez and Hudgens, along with co-stars Rachel Korine and Ashley Benson, are sitting around (in what looks like a jail cell) bored. Gomez delivers a monologue on being miserable while Hudgens points a finger gun at various objects (including her own cleavage) making a gunshot noise with every fake trigger pull (we're gonna guess she gets into trouble later in the film).

There's no plan yet for when 'Spring Breakers' will be released here in the United States but once it tours the fall film festivals and finds a distributor, we should have an update. So what do you think? Do you like the new adult angle from Gomez and Hudgens?

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