Pop a molly, don your balaclava, and stock up on red plastic cups — spring break is back, and this time, it lasts [trailer-trash gangsta James Franco voice] fo-evuuuuuuuh.

Spring BreakersHarmony Korine’s neon-colored odyssey into the depravity of Florida’s collegiate party scene, made far more money than anyone could have expected from a film in which a grillz-bedecked Franco pleasures a pistol silencer, putting presiding studio A24 on the map and granting underground American cinema its newest cult item. The image of a bikini-clad Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez in the promotional materials probably didn’t hurt, but the often bizarre film was a surprise sleeper hit on its own terms. And now, it’ll get a second life on TV — sort of.

Indiewire reports that Blackpills, a video-streaming platform still preparing for its full launch later this year, will offer a home to a series based on Spring Breakers. I know, I know, I’m freaking out too, but first comes the excitement-tempering: Korine will not be involved, which calls into question the fundamental Spring Breakersishness of the entire project. What’s more, the news item from Indiewire doesn’t specify which cast members (if any) will return; Gomez and Hudgens appear pretty busy, and while I have no trouble believing that the ATL Twins would be game to go round 2, getting the entire cast back together appears unlikely.

Little else is known beyond that. This could be more of a spiritual follow-up, something like The Girlfriend Experience show, taking nothing but inspiration from its source material. Either way, it’s a cause for anticipation. Cue Skrillex!

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