Last week Paramount debuted a new video from the set of Star Trek Beyond to promote a massive, six-week-long charity contest asking fans to donate $10 to their charity of choice for the chance to win a special trip to the set or a walk-on role. That video was not only the first official confirmation of Idris Elba’s casting, but it was the first in a planned series of videos from the set. The second has arrived featuring Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin, as well as a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Pegg and Yelchin (and Yelchin’s cute dog) spend much of the video hyping up the Omaze charity contest, which encourages fans to donate in order to win a walk-on role or set visit. They’ve already selected one winner, and will continue to announce one winner per week over the next five weeks.

In addition to the charity contest info, the video also offers us a look at a few interesting things. There’s a new, practical alien design, as well as various gadgets and tech, and a whole collection of Vulcan ears. You’ll also see another quick shot of Elba on board the Enterprise.

Justin Lin is directing Star Trek Beyond from a script by Pegg and Doug Jung. The film stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Karl Urban and Kingsman: The Secret Service star Sofia Boutella.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 8, 2016.

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