George Lucas selling 'Star Wars' to Disney isn't just big news: it's huge news, news that represents a potentially exciting and potentially disastrous future for one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. The truth is that we have no idea what Disney plans to do with this long ago, far away galaxy other than release 'Star Wars Episode 7' in 2015...but we certainly know what we want to see. We asked members of the Screencrush staff (and some of our friends in high and low places) what they wanted to see in the next 'Star Wars' movie and we received all kinds of opinions!

"I love that Lucas is letting his project go to other artists. I think I fresh take will bring a new energy to this lumbering property. Thing is this: it should be different, but not TOO different. Certain aspects of the form must remain the same - the title crawl, the "bad feeling about this" and, for Jabba's sake, the music. A director who wants to come in and totally rework absolutely everything to his own vision maybe isn't what's best in this specific case. In other words: J.J. Abrams need not apply." -Jordan Hoffman, Screencrush

"There's not the right classicist, humanist director out there anymore, so f--- it, let's go hard the other way: Neveldine/Taylor." -Renn Brown, CHUD

"While the next trilogy can be nice, I would like to see some one-off films from the Universe that have nothing to do with an overarching story.  There is an old PC game called Tie Fighter, which focuses on the role of a pilot in the Empire. I personally love the idea of telling as Star Wars story from the perspective of a loyalist - someone who truly thinks that Palpatine and the Empirical Order is the right direction for the Galaxy. I could see Disney funding an Empire-focused Star Wars TV show that took place between Episodes 3 and 4. Something that expands the universe, but from a very personal perspective." -Q Manning, Rocksauce Studios

"I don't want to see Jedi that are essentially bureaucrats working for the Space Government, being shipped around the galaxy solving trade disputes. Bring back the mysticism and the mystery! Make them what the original trilogy painted them to be: an ancient order of religious warrior monks. With luck, we'll find an old Luke Skywalker meditating at the top of a mountain with a shaved head when episode seven begins." -Jacob Hall, Screencrush

"I'd put money on a story with an all-new central hero and Luke Skywalker in the "Old Ben" Kenobi role." -John Gholson,

"I want to see a return to the original "used universe" of the original films. The prequels were too much gloss and newness, which is a problem CGI films have." -Rod Paddock, Slackerwood

"Five words: Death Star Class Action Lawsuit. Realistically speaking, it wouldn't work to bring back the classic stars, even Harrison Ford.  I'm all for a new, smaller story that lets a new generation re-discover the magic without feeling so bound to the first six.  That said, TRIPLE-BLADED LIGHTSABER." -Kevin Fitzpatrick, Screencrush

"I want to see a new force of power in the universe that is neither Jedi nor technological in nature." -George Hickman, Scene Stealers

"A reality show that follows Han and Leia and their six kids in a trailer on the forest moon of Endor." -Brad McHargue, Mile High Cinema

"I want to see real characters. The world can be as fantastic, strange, and exciting as modern special effects will allow, but if I don't have real characters to follow and care about, all interest will be lost." -Seth Hall, Horror's Not Dead