You might think you've seen everything when it comes to the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, but today we present to you a blooper reel from 'A New Hope' (then still titled 'The Star Wars') that was previously unseen.

Lucasfilm editor J.W. Rinzler has been working on "The Making of 'Return of the Jedi'" and, as such, has unusual access to the Lucasfilm archives. During his research, he's come upon some fun stuff that we have never seen before, including this new video of bloopers from the original 'Star Wars.'

The clip above was only seen previously once at Comic-Con and otherwise has never been available online or viewed publicly.

There's some especially solid (and unintentional) physical humor from the Stormtroopers as well as Harrison Ford eating his microphone. Check out the new clip of 'Star Wars' bloopers above and if that doesn't satisfy your appetite, we've included another, previously available, clip of 'Star Wars' outtakes below.

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