With the news of George Lucas' decision to give Disney control of the 'Star Wars' franchise for a news series of movies, there was hope that with Disney getting the rights it might lead to a new box set of the original films, perhaps in their original cuts. That's not going to happen, at least not any time soon.

As The Hollywood Reporter has essayed, 20th Century Fox controls the distribution rights to the first 'Star Wars' film in perpetuity, with their distribution rights for the five other 'Star Wars' films extended through May 2020. So even if they want to put out a box set in 2021, if Disney wanted to release all of the 'Star Wars' films it would require a licensing deal.

That doesn't necessarily mean we won't see the original cuts on Blu-ray, DVD and available for digital download some time in the near future. Perhaps with Lucas not as actively involved, it's possible there could be some sort of restoration and/or release of the original cuts of the first three films in the series. It's fairly evident there is a fan base that wants these releases. But if it does come to pass, it's something that wouldn't be readied for at least a year, and - more than likely - would be done as an effort to cross promote.