John Boyega is having one hell of a year. After impressing audiences with his role in the Edgar Wright-produced, Joe Cornish-directed sci-fi film Attack the Block, Boyega was on many fans’ wish lists for big blockbuster projects. He finally got his chance with a lead role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and although the film doesn’t hit theaters until December, it’s already given him a huge break. But how is Boyega handling his newfound fame? He has a very special mentor to give him some guidance.

Boyega is profiled in VMan magazine’s latest issue, and THR got their hands on an exclusive look at the interview with the rising star, who talks about his relationship with J.J. Abrams and his casting in The Force Awakens:

There was already contact between me and J.J. He was a big fan of Attack the Block and we were waiting for a project where we could collaborate. They wanted to make sure they got the right person for the job. I learned that I got the part over a nice breakfast in Mayfair. J.J. said, ‘John, you’re the new star of Star Wars,’ and everything froze for a moment.

The actor also discusses working with the legendary Harrison Ford:

He has that knowledge and it’s beautiful to watch. He has a great balance between the artistic and technical elements of acting, which is what it’s all about. He told me about his career and his house. I realized that I probably couldn’t relate to him about finances because he’s on another level.

Boyega goes on to reveal that he has a very special mentor from the Disney family who’s been giving him a little career guidance — Avengers star Robert Downey Jr.:

He’s helped me prepare for how my life is going to change and that has been inspiring. I’m talking to someone who understands the power of choices, both positive and negative.

Harrison Ford? Robert Downey Jr.? That’s some pretty amazing company to be keeping. In addition to starring in The Force Awakens (and presumably the sequels), Boyega has also signed on to co-star in the upcoming film The Circle from The Spectacular Now director James Ponsoldt. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing a lot more of Boyega.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.