You've never seen or heard 'Star Wars' like this before, believe us. Some of the most talented cartoon voice actors do a live table-read of the original 'Star Wars' script and, as expected, it's kind of amazing.

In this video, voice actors Kevin Conroy ('Batman: The Animated Series'), John DiMaggio (Bender, 'Futurama'), Tara Strong (Bubbles, 'The Powerpuff Girls'), Billy West (Fry, 'Futurama'), Maurice LaMarche ('Futurama,' 'Harvey Birdman'), Jess Harnell (Wakko, 'Animaniacs'), and Rob Paulsen (Yakko, 'Animaniacs') all recreate the magic of 'Star Wars' by using the voices of their famous characters.

Watch Kevin Conroy narrate in his Batman voice, while Tara Strong plays Darth Vader as Bubbles from 'The Powerpuff Girls,' and John DiMaggio plays Princess Leia as Bender from 'Futurama.' It's just as delightful as you might hope, with the actors switching to some of their other cartoon voices throughout the read to play various characters. It's both completely ridiculous and sort of brilliant, but most importantly -- it's hilarious.

The whole "radio play" style set-up took place at Emerald City Comic Con for almost an hour and a half, and you can watch the video -- in its entirety! -- below.