If you don't know the name Drew Struzan, it's understandable. Though he's been working in the film business for the last thirty years, much of his work goes uncredited. But if you're a nerd his name rings a lot of bells because he designed some of the most iconic poster art of the 1980's and 1990's. He did all the 'Star Wars' prequel posters, and though he claims he's retired, Disney has called him about coming back to do 'Episode 7.'

In an interview with Fanhattan Struzan said this: " I got a couple calls already this week on Star Wars from Disney. Oh my god, I’m trying to be retired! You know, I spent 35 years painting Star Wars. [laughs] I painted Star Wars before most of you were born! But I guess there is always a chance."

Struzan retired, partly because posters have been taken over by photoshop, partly because of the shorter post-production schedules and the time involved in doing what he does. Stuzan's work was used for many of the biggest hits and cult favorites of the 1980's, including the posters for 'Back to the Future,' 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,' 'John Carpenter's The Thing' and 'Big Trouble in Little China.' He was also the model for the main character in Frank Darabont's 'The Mist.'