The one problem with 'Star Wars Episode 7' news is that at least half of it going to be absolute bunk or inflated misinformation. Those that remember the years leading up to 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace' will recall the sheer amount of BS that flew over the then-young internet and how much of it was accepted as fact by fans. So let's take the rumor that director Alfonso Cuaron and beloved geek actor Simon Pegg are joining the 'Star Wars' universe with a pound or two of salt.

The rumor comes via MarketSaw through a top secret source who they claim is an insider on the project. Once again, grab a fistful of salt because every bagel-fetching intern in Hollywood calls himself an insider. Anyway, this insider's latest dispatch consists mostly of things that we've already heard before (Harrison Ford is probably going to return as Han Solo, the kids of the original characters will be the leads, etc), but then:

Ultimately [JJ Abrams] is the perfect choice to direct episode 7, and set up the franchise to steward through the first trilogy. The names I mentioned to you before, remember them. Alfonso Cuaron especially. Trust me.

Movie fans will recognize Alfonso Cuaron as the absurdly talented director of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,' 'Children of Men' and the upcoming sci-fi project 'Gravity.' That combination of family friendly instincts and experience with science fiction makes him a solid choice for 'Star Wars,' for sure...but is there any truth to this? And if he is involved, is he being eyed for 'Star Wars Episode 8' or one of the proposed spin-off films?