With 'Star Wars: Episode 7' scheduled to begin filming in January, you would think that casting needs to get underway quickly so that the lengthy rehearsal/pre-production stage can begin. Well, expect 'Star Wars' casting to heat up over the next few weeks and we have our first real leads as to who is in consideration to star. Enter Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alex Pettyfer.

Latino Review is reporting that Hurd-Wood has already auditioned for a lead female role in the film, believed to be the daughter of Princess Leia and Han Solo. Before you think this is just another Cranston-type rumor, the site confirmed with her representatives that she has indeed auditioned, BUT this does not mean she has the part yet.

In addition, Alex Pettyfer ('Magic Mike,' 'I Am Number Four') also has a meeting/audition with J.J. Abrams for an unknown lead role, but considering his blondish good looks, we'll guess he's in consideration for the Skywalker boy. Whatever role it is, Latino Review is reporting that it's the same role that Ryan Gosling previously turned down.

While we're sure you're at least partly familiar with the work of Pettyfer, Hurd-Wood is perhaps less known. She starred as Wendy in the unfortunate 2003 'Peter Pan' reboot and in 2004 starred in 'The American Haunting' but hasn't done much over the past few years (and we'll just continue to get her mixed up with Gale Anne Hurd and Evan Rachel Wood.)