'Star Wars Episode 7,' a brand-new movie from the 'Star Wars' universe said to come our way in 2015, has been driving Jedi- and Sith-loving fans bonkers since news broke that Disney recently acquired Lucasfilm and will be developing a new movie chapter to the franchise. With next to no other information on this 'Star Wars Episode 7,' people were left to speculate wildly about where we might find ourselves in this new world without the steady hand of George Lucas. But now a bit more information has reportedly been revealed, but it's not what everyone was expecting... at least, not for the fans.

When hearing of a 'Star Wars Episode 7,' true geeks of the 'Star Wars' universe started dreaming of a movie version of Timothy Zahn's 'Thrawn Trilogy,' a series of 'Star Wars' books that take place five years after the events of 'Return of the Jedi.' However, thanks to E!, who spoke with a source close to Lucasfilms, those dreams have been shot down.

"I've heard directly from Lucasfilm and other sources close to the picture, and they say: Definitely not," writes E!, continuing with a direct quote from a source saying, "It's an original story."

Also revealed is the fact that, despite rumors, no director is yet attached to 'Star Wars Episode 7.' George Lucas, while not directly in charge of his cinema baby anymore, is said to have some input in creating another 'Star Wars' film fans can be proud of, but there's still no word yet on how involved he will actually be in the process.

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