Since it was announced that George Lucas was stepping down and selling 'Star Wars' to Disney, there have been rumors swirling about spinoff movies and questions about what the game plan was after 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' Though no new titles have been announced, Disney's chief financial officer has let it be known that there will be a new 'Star Wars' movie every year.

As quoted by Variety, Disney's Jay Rasulo said there will be one film from the trilogy or one “origin story film” every year starting in 2015. He also says their plan is “to put out a great film” first, which is heartening, as most of his other quotes are about how evergreen and profitable owning 'Star Wars' will be for the Mouse House. Such may sound a little gross, but he's also the CFO, not the writers or directors of these films.

The big buzz phrase out of this is "origin story film," as it implies what we had gleaned from the rumors: Disney wants to do standalone adventure films with the preexisting characters. So all that talk of a possible Yoda or Boba Fett or Chewbacca movie is true, it's just that they haven't picked what (or who) yet. That noted, it looks like 'Episode 7' is going to be hitting around Christmas in 2015, and though it's possible that Disney could make that their yearly 'Star Wars' release date, they're just as likely to want 'Star Wars' back in the summer, which means we can't be too far from the next announced 'Star Wars' movie.