No one likes to be spoiled, especially for a movie like Star Wars, which many fans have waited 16 years to see in theaters. There are custom filters for internet browsers, Facebook and Twitter, all set up to protect fans from finding out too much information too soon. But no matter how much you do, you still leave yourself open to human error: i.e., the guy who just can’t keep his mouth shut. In those unfortunate instances, there’s not much to do beyond sticking your fingers in your ears and humming as loudly as possible. What you don’t do is grab a gun and threaten to shoot the person who spoiled a movie for you. That’s what one Montana man did and now he’s been arrested and charged with felony assault.

According to the Billings Gazette, Arthur Charles Roy, 18, of Helena, Montana, was incensed after a Facebook friend and classmate spoiled a major Star Wars: The Force Awakens plot point (it wasn’t specifically stated which one, but I think we can all guess what it was). In retaliation, Roy sent the friend a picture of himself holding a Colt 1911, which he described as having a “hair trigger,” and threatened to shoot him. The friend, as you might expect, reported the exchange to a school official who passed on the information to local police. The school was put on lockdown on Friday while police arrested Roy at his home without incident.

Roy, acting on advice from his attorney, refused comment but his mother says that the gun her son was holding in the photo was only a BB gun. In his Facebook profile photo, a masked Roy is seen holding a long, serrated knife and a hatchet.

Roy is no stranger to the law and also has a charge pending in Lewis and Clark County for felony sexual intercourse without consent following an allegedly knowingly having sexual contact with an underage girl.

Just another friendly reminder, don’t be a jerk and spoil movies for people. Now, watch our video about Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers!