So what does $4,809 for a “cabin” with two guests, and up to $5,999 for a cabin with three adults and one child get you at Disney’s Star Wars hotel? With the “Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser” — it’s supposed to be like an all-inclusive cruise ship in outer space — set to open at Walt Disney World next spring, the company has begun showing potential visitors around the property in a series of videos.

In the latest, The Goldbergs star Sean Giambrone and Disney Imagineer Ann Morrow Johnson take a brief tour of a few locations around the Starcruiser (which is technically called the “Halcyon”). They go to the ship’s bridge where there are a bunch of consoles, and even a lever to flip that sends the ship into hyperspace. They also visit a bar (or maybe you’d prefer to call it a cantina) where a Star Wars-y alien is singing a song to a crowd of cosplaying vacationers.

Last week, they also published a video giving a first look at the much-anticipated “lightsaber training” aboard the Galactic Starcruiser. This is the attraction where guests will get to use what Disney has billed the first “working” lightsabers in existence, in a training exercise modeled on Luke Skywalker’s practice with the weapon in the first Star Wars.

The previous brief glimpses of this saber in action looked pretty impressive. This video is ... well, it looks a lot less like a “real” lightsaber, and more like the typical replica you might buy at a store being used for a high tech game. The video also includes footage of some kind of game you can play on the bridge of the Starcruiser shooting down TIE fighters to defend the ship from the Empire.

Does what’s shown here seem like it’s worth up to $6,000 to you? That feels like a stretch. Then again, it’s just two brief glimpses of a very large hotel. So maybe there’s a lot more cool stuff they haven’t shown yet. (For those paying for the experience, we certainly hope there is.) Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel is scheduled to open in May of next year.

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