'Star Wars' fans: own a lightsaber and tired of not knowing how to properly use it? We've all been there. But now there's a solution to that problem: enroll in lightsaber classes for burgeoning Jedis like yourself.

This is no joke. Thanks to an article in Hero Complex, we learn of the Golden Gate Knights, a San Francisco-based school which was founded by a couple of dudes who didn't know what else to do with themselves were just looking to learn more about the art of lightsaber fighting. And since there's no Jedi Academy in our solar system, they went ahead and founded their own.

At only $10 a class, you will learn the flourishes and choreography that go into a lightsaber fight; the Knights' official site boasts of teaching you the proper stretching and warm-up techniques for the physical aspect of the joust, as well as the meditation required when the battle is complete. For the battle is as internal as it is external, don't you know.

But what about the lightsaber itself? If you don't carry one by your side at all times, one will be provided for you at no cost for the first month of training. You could of course buy one of the many sabers on the market, like a Savatron Saber or a Genesis Custom Saber.

If you're prepared for your training, head over to the Golden Gate Knights official site and learn all the details. And if you're on the east coast, there's always New York Jedi.