Part of the charm to Disney’s Star Wars Rebels has been the opportunity to hear Original Trilogy stars reprising their iconic roles, from James Earl Jones’ Darth Vader to Billy Dee Williams’ Lando. We’ve even heard Frank Oz’s Yoda, but now the character is confirmed for a full Season 2 appearance, along with another major returning character from the franchise.

TVInsider debuted an extensive cover piece for Star Wars Rebels Season 2 (and recently renewed for Season 3), covering a wide variety of topics, but also confirming Frank Oz’s return as Yoda. We’d heard the character in voiceover for Season 1 installment “Path of the Jedi,” though Season 2 will apparently feature Master Yoda in the flesh.

Whether that means the Ghost crew will end up on Dagobah, or an upcoming episode flashing back to Kanan (or Ahsoka)’s Jedi past remains to be seen, but the article also dropped one other intriguing tidbit, notably that we’d also see “at least one major legacy character from the films.” Popular suggestions have included Obi-Wan Kenobi (who put in a recorded appearance previously with Clone Wars voice James Arnold Taylor), or perhaps a young Princess Leia, a role many had eyed Sarah Michelle Gellar for.

We’ll find out as Star Wars Rebels moves through its second season Wednesdays on Disney XD, but what might bring Yoda back into the picture, after only lending a voice before? Might it have something to do with the “legacy” character we’ve yet to meet?

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