Star Wars is getting its credits’ worth from Ron Howard. The Solo director and Arrested Development voice brought his narrator to a galaxy far, far away for a hilarious mashup of the Skywalker and Bluth families.

The YouTube Star Wars Show released an early preview of the parody, which sees Ron Howard adding his famous Arrested Development narration to the original Star Wars film. It’s much more than a clever Solo plug, even if a few of the recurring Arrested Development gags might go over the head of casual viewers. There’s also a good deal of fun poked at the various inconsistencies of the saga, especially with regard to what Obi-Wan does and doesn’t tell Luke about his past.

We’ll get to hear even more new narration from Howard this week, as Arrested Development will soon release a recut version of Season 4 to promote Season 5’s summer premiere. And while you likely won’t hear Howard’s voice in Solo: A Star Wars Story, you’ll at least see his direction when the prequel film hits theaters on Friday, May 25.

Watch the full clip above (Nerdist also had a similar idea last year), and stay tuned for the latest on both Arrested Development and Star Wars.

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