With Lucasfilm and Disney bringing the world of Star Wars to Comic-Con 2015 later today, many have speculated that the studios might be announcing a director for Episode 9. A new rumor suggests that the studios have indeed already made their choice: Colin Trevorrow, the director responsible for Jurassic World, which quickly became one of the highest grossing films of all time.

The rumor originates at the typically reliable Heroic Hollywood, which claims to have gotten the scoop on Trevorrow ahead of the Star Wars Comic-Con panel. Trevorrow would make sense — the director was previously rumored for The Force Awakens, but Lucasfilm wanted Brad Bird to take the reins on that one, and when Bird passed he told them he had another director in mind for the franchise, someone with a similar vision and work style. That director was Trevorrow.

This rumor is pretty plausible, given that Trevorrow helmed the biggest film of the year (so far — until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits) and that Lucasfilm already had their eye on him. Just a couple of days ago, we learned that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing a Han Solo origin film, which will replace Josh Trank’s anthology movie in 2018, which was rumored to center on Boba Fett. That film has reportedly been pushed back to make way for the Han Solo project.

But that announcement came two days before Lucasfilm’s appearance at Comic-Con, which suggests that the studio was saving their big reveal for San Diego — the director of Episode 9. There have been rumblings since the beginning of the week that the studio has already chosen the Episode 9 director, and from what I’ve heard, once you hear the guy’s name it’ll seem obvious. I’ve also heard that this is a director who previously said he would never helm a Star Wars film.

Last month, Slashfilm interviewed Trevorrow, and here is what he had to say about potentially directing a Star Wars film:

Yeah, I can’t say no to that idea. Look, I think you’d know I was lying if I said I would never ever do a Star Wars film. I could tell you absolutely, 100 percent for sure I’m not doing or involved in the Boba Fett one. And I’m sure they’ll find a great filmmaker to do it. And I’m so impressed with the choices they have made. And I think specifically Rian Johnson is such an awesome filmmaker. And I’m so excited to see what he does.

That’s an interesting choice of words, and it doesn’t do anything to diminish the belief that Trevorrow could very well be the director Lucasfilm calls to the Hall H stage this afternoon.

We’ll have more Star Wars updates from Comic-Con later today.

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