Lucasfilm just seems like a dream place to work. Not only is it the home to the 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' franchises, but their employees get to partake in a number of geek-centric activities, from following around a real-life R2-D2 throughout their offices to competing for some stellar prizes in the recent Lucasfilm Sidewalk Festival. The latter took place last weekend, and the results of such creative talent working on 'Star Wars'-themed chalk art are astounding.

The Lucasfilm Sidewalk Festival is a friendly competition that sees Lucasfilm and ILM employees, and tenants of the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco bedecking sidewalks with their most inspired 'Star Wars' chalk art and mashups. The participating teams, each comprised of two-four members, created a number of glorious 'Star Wars'-, Disney- and 'Indiana Jones'-inspired art pieces, but, given our affinity for the galaxy far, far away, we've included all of the former below.

First place went to what's called 'Calvin and Hoth' by team Let's Chalk About It, a glorious mashup of the 'Calvin and Hobbes' comic strip and a Hoth AT-AT in the midst of an epic snowball fight.

Team Dark Side came in second with their 'LDAC Parking Garage.' See that lonely speeder down below?

And third place went to 'Death Starry Night' by team Down & Dirty, creating a mashup of Darth Vader and Vincent van Gogh's famous 'Starry Night.'

We've included more of the incredible 'Star Wars' creations below, but you can see more of the submissions over at the official 'Star Wars' blog.

So, you think you know 'Star Wars'? Test your knowledge.