'Star Wars' has entered a brave new world since its acquisition by Disney last month; it appears as though every day sheds a little more light on the fast-tracked remodeling of the Lucasfilm property. Most recently we learned that 'Empire Strikes Back' scribe Lawrence Kasdan is allegedly making a long-awaited return to the franchise; joining the cause as well is 'X-Men: The Last Stand' writer Simon Kinberg. The thinking at the time of that news was that Disney and Lucasfilm had hired the screenwriters to commence work on Star Wars: Episodes 8 and 9, but a new report suggests something a bit more ambitious may be at play...

According to a new article in the Hollywood Reporter, Kasdan and Kinberg have indeed been hired to work on the 'Star Wars' franchise, but not necessarily the eventual follow-ups to 'Star Wars: Episode 7'. Their scripts could end up being spin-off films, focusing on side characters not directly linked to the Skywalker saga. In other words, Disney might be giving several different characters in the 'Star Wars' universe their own movies, potentially leading to, one would think, the 'Star Wars' equivalent of 'The Avengers'.

This is simply speculation right now, and naturally neither Disney nor Lucasfilm is commenting on the rumor. (They haven't even officially confirmed Kasdan and Kinberg yet.) But knowing that Disney is focused on releasing a new 'Star Wars' movie every two-three years, it makes sense that they wouldn't necessarily be tied to the just three new 'Episodes', but a vast tapestry of fresh storylines and characters. After all, it's working out pretty well with those little Marvel flicks.

What do you think? Would you be up for 'Star Wars' spin-off films?