As bright as the future of 'Star Wars' might seem with its (at least) five new movies on the way, that future will always be dimmed by the cancellation of Cartoon Network's CGI epic 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars.' Admittedly, the series went through a meaty 5 seasons, but its unexpected shelving left a number of already-produced arcs on the cutting room floor, and a number of unanswered questions. Fortunately, you can get a new taste of one of the unreleased stories right now!

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fans are still left to wonder what will become of any additional episodes or material produced before Disney decided to shut down production, but that material won't stay buried forever. Recently, supervising director Dave Filoni revealed a previously unknown arc that delved into the oft-debated 'Star Wars' mystery of Jedi master Sifo-Dyas, beginning with the discovery of a discarded lightsaber on a desolate world.

IGN managed to sneak a peek of the new footage from the unreleased arc, which sees fellow Jedi Plo Koon (James Arnold Taylor) leading a battalion of clones through the sandstorm-swept world, ultimately finding the mysterious lightsaber that would have kicked off a new arc for the series.

Several arcs and episodes had already been in production at the time of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ cancellation, as seen in the video below, but it remains unclear if any of the material will be presented to fans for closure on the series. If nothing else, Filoni will supervise the next generation of ‘Star Wars’ animated series, though no details have yet been released definitively.

Take a look at one of the unreleased 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' arcs below, and tell us what you hope to see from future 'Star Wars' animation in the comments!

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