Even though he’s just signed on to appear in Marvel’s Black Panther movie, Sterling K. Brown isn’t letting that stop him from dreaming of other superhero roles. After yesterday’s announcement that John Smith would be one of the heroes of the Green Lantern Corps, fighting space crime alongside his buddy Hal Jordan, Brown gave a shout out to DC and Warner Bros. that he wouldn’t say no to the part.

John Stewart is a Black former Marine sniper who joins the Green Lantern Corps along with his friend Jordan. So far no casting news for the movie has been announced, but Brown might have some competition: apparently, Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson has also campaigned for the part.

It would also be somewhat tough for Brown to somersault from one superhero property to another, but not impossible. If his role in Black Panther is relatively minor (it seems to be a completely new character created just for the movie, so who knows), he could bounce over to Green Lantern Corps for a larger part. Hey, if Nicolas Cage could do it for Face/Off and Con Air….

Regardless of who’s cast in the coming months, Green Lantern Corps should be a lot of fun. It’s been described as “Lethal Weapon in space,” and will actually be the first superhero movie in which a white character and a non-white character share protagonist duties. (Rhodey is integral to the Iron Man series, but he’s far from a main character.) Whether or not Brown is cast in it, we can’t wait to follow along with what happens next.

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