Sci-fi author Robert Heinlein is probably most commonly known these days as writer of the original Starship Troopers novel, though another infamous sci-fi from his library is finally getting its due. Syfy is ready to become a Stranger in a Strange Land with an impressive new adaptation.

Per the network’s official confirmation, Paramount Television has partnered with Universal Cable Productions to develop Heinlein’s 1961 science fiction novel as a TV series for Syfy. For those unfamiliar with the landmark story partly set on Mars, so reads the Stranger in a Strange Land synopsis:

Considered a staple in many science fiction fans’ libraries, “Stranger in a Strange Land” tells the story of Valentine Michael Smith, a human who comes to Earth in early adulthood after being born on the planet Mars and raised by Martians. The novel explores his interaction with—and eventual transformation of—terrestrial culture. It predicted many of the movements and messages of the 1960's - from free love and hippie communes, to organized attempts at world peace.

And says NBCUniversal of the novel’s timely message:

From my point of view, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ isn’t just a science fiction masterpiece…it also happens to be one of my favorite books ever! The story is timeless and resonates more than ever in today’s world. As a fan, I can’t wait to see it come to life as a world-class television event.

It’s too early for casting or many creative decisions beyond producers like Brad Fischer, James Vanderbilt and William Sherak of Mythology Entertainment, Scott Rudin, and more, but was Stranger in a Strange Land long overdue for an adaptation?

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