Studio Ghibli — the home of animator Hayao Miyazaki along with most of his most famous creations — has kicked up quite a storm of speculation on social media with a single, wordless tweet.

It contains a 15 second clip of the Studio Ghibli logo and the logo of Lucasfilm, the home of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

The clip would seem to suggest some kind of collaboration between the two companies, although we have no idea at this point what that could entail. It could be a movie or a television show. It could some famous Lucasfilm property like, say, Darth Vader, in a project animated by Studio Ghibli. Or perhaps it could mean a live-action version of a famous Ghibli cartoon like My Neighbor Totoro, with digital effects by Industrial Light and Magic. Or maybe it could be a hybrid of the two, or even an entirely new concept co-created by artists from both places.

Lucasfilm is of course no stranger to animation; they have released numerous animated television shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Bad Batch. They have also released two animated features: The original Clone Wars movie that preceded the animated series and Strange Magic, a very curious cartoon musical about woodland fairies. (If you never saw it, well, at least half the title is accurate.) But their animated content is usually 3D computer animation, while Studio Ghibli remains one of the standard bearers of more traditional 2D animation.

Whatever this collaboration is, it comes from an intriguing mix of studios. As long as it’s not an animated movie of the Radioland Murders, consider us giddily excited.

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