Well, we were all clamoring for it. Or, somebody was. Regardless, there’s an extended cut Blu-ray of Suicide Squad coming out, with many more minutes featuring the antics of the Worst. Superheroes. Ever. Warner Bros. just released a trailer for the upcoming release, with a few shots we haven’t seen before in other trailers or the movie itself.

We knew there was a bunch of Joker footage that was cut from the final version of the film, and there sure is a lot more Joker in this trailer than we had before. It begins with that nutty laugh of his, and more of his lines are sprinkled throughout. There’s one particular scene of Harley Quinn in street clothes holding a gun to his forehead while he mutters (very Heath Ledger-ly) “Do it, do it, do it,” so we’ll definitely be seeing more of their story, for better or worse. Margot Robbie was the movie’s standout, so at least with more Joker comes more Harley too. Katana also gets a face, and maybe even she and Slipknot will get actual introductions in this version.

There are a few bits that, once again, make for a better trailer than a movie: Katana slashing the head of one of Enchantress’s minions right after a title card for “Extended Cut”? Come on, that’s funny. We have “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing over all the action again, in a callback to the trailer that gave us hope that the movie was actually going to be really good.

The extended cut will have 13 additional minutes of the film, as well as lots of deleted scenes that were lost when the movie went through the reshoot meat grinder. The Ultimate Edition of Batman v. Superman ended up being “more ambitious” than the theatrical release, but by no means better. Suicide Squad wasn’t a great movie, but it also wasn’t boring. Maybe the extended cut will at least end up being more coherent than the version we all saw in theaters.

The Suicide Squad Extended Cut Blu-ray is on Digital HD November 15 and hits shelves on December 13.

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