'Suits' fans, your day has come early. Fans of the high-stakes TNT legal thriller have eagerly awaited the season 3 premiere, "The Arrangement," to come this Tuesday, Jul. 16, but there's no need to wait any longer! The first five minutes have arrived, and Harvey is right back up to his old tricks.

The extended preview from TVGuide features Harvey (Gabriel Macht) smoothly negotiating a new deal for his NBA New Jersey Nets client, Deron Williams, thought it seems the power play may not have been entirely on the level. Jessica ('Hannibal' and 'Firefly''s Gina Torres) promptly puts him in his place, but, as tends to be the case with 'Suits,' all cards are rarely on the table.

Meanwhile, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) has plenty of apologizing to do with Jessica (Meghan Markle), but there's a much bigger threat looming on the horizon that Jessica thinks he should grab by the horns. From USA's official press release of "The Arrangement":

Episode 3.01 - The Arrangement

Jessica's new partnership is tested; Harvey must prove a high-profile client's innocence; Mike tries to manage the fallout from his revelation.

And let's not forget, upcoming episodes of 'Suits' season 3 boast appearances from both 'Game of Thrones' stars Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) and Conleth Hill (Varys), hopefully with a bit less bloodshed than we've come to expect.

Check out the first five minutes of 'Suits' season 3 premiere, "The Arrangement," and tell us in the comments if you'll tune in for the full Jul. 16 premiere on USA!