Melissa McCarthy was fantastic in this summer's female buddy cop comedy 'The Heat,' and it seems that she had as much fun working with director Paul Feig on that movie (and in 'Bridesmaids') as audiences did watching it -- so much fun that she's looking to reunite with Feig for his upcoming spy comedy 'Susan Cooper.'

The Wrap reports that Melissa McCarthy is in talks to team up with Paul Feig for a third time -- and this time around she'll get promoted from tough street cop to sophisticated lady spy in 'Susan Cooper,' a film that could launch a franchise for Feig. 'Susan Cooper' is being billed as a "realistic comedy" in the vein of the James Bond films, with Feig saying that the 2006 film 'Casino Royale' is one of his recent favorites, so this isn't a lame attempt at capitalizing on a brand.

Feig has been outspoken about the lack of female-driven comedy, and has been a major driving force in rejuvenating those comedies with his films 'Bridesmaids' and 'The Heat' -- both of which proved to be hits at the box office, proving that audiences certainly do want more (smart and clever) female comedies in the theaters. It's unclear which role McCarthy will be playing in the film, though we assume she'll be taking the lead.