Axe Cop

New ‘Axe Cop’ Trailer: ‘Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito is “Army Chihuahua,” and More!
Earlier today we caught a glimpse of FOX's major new fall offerings, but those weren't the only trailers on display the the recent Upfront presentation! FOX Animation Domination HD's Nick Offerman-voiced 'Axe Cop' will chop his way onto TV screens beginning July 27, and we've got a brand new trailer featuring the voice talents of 'Breaking Bad' and 'Revolution' star Giancarlo Esposito! Preview 'Ax
‘Axe Cop’ TV Series Trailer Will Make You Poop Yourself…To Death!
No, it isn't an April Fools prank: the first official trailer for the 'Axe Cop' TV series is here! Featuring 'Parks and Recreation' star and pillar of manliness Nick Offerman as the voice of the title character, FOX and Animation Hi-Def's adaptation of the famous comic character will hit screens on Saturday, July 27, with a slew of famous stars in guest roles. Fighting everyone from "Dr. DooD
‘Axe Cop’ Runs for President in FOX’s Latest Animation Domination HD Short
Prior to FOX's official announcement of its summer Animation Domination High Definition line-up, the first animated short of 'Axe Cop' not only previewed what lay in store for the absurdist comic series, but also revealed that 'Parks and Recreation' star Nick Offerman would lend his voice to the axe-wielding crime-fighter. Now, with its premiere set for Saturday, July 27, FOX has released yet anot
FOX Releases ‘Axe Cop’ Voice Cast, Sets Saturday Animation Domination HD Premiere
A few months ago we heard the glorious news that FOX would take acclaimed Dark Horse and web comic 'Axe Cop' to series as part of a summer Saturday Animation Domination HD block, followed by the even more face-cleavingly incredible news that 'Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman would take the title role. Now, FOX has issued the fully, star-studded cast list for 'Axe Cop,' as well as rosters and p
‘Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman to Voice FOX’s ‘Axe Cop’
We've seen many a fantastically perfect casting over the years, but perhaps none more-so than this.  The moment that FOX announced it would develop an animated series around surrealist comic 'Axe Cop,' the question loomed large of who could give voice to the eponymous hero.  Now, that question has been thoroughly answered with a "Ron F$%king Swanson," as 'Parks and Recreation' star Nick
‘Axe Cop’ Chops Up Its Own TV Series
It's been a good year for internet phenomenons to make the jump to TV, what with series versions of 'The Annoying Orange,' 'Bad Advice from My Brother,' 'Drunk History' and even a TV version of 'Between Two Ferns,' but up until now, the greatest story had never been told.  That story is 'Axe Cop.'