Earlier today we caught a glimpse of FOX's major new fall offerings, but those weren't the only trailers on display the the recent Upfront presentation! FOX Animation Domination HD's Nick Offerman-voiced 'Axe Cop' will chop his way onto TV screens beginning July 27, and we've got a brand new trailer featuring the voice talents of 'Breaking Bad' and 'Revolution' star Giancarlo Esposito! Preview 'Axe Cop's TV debut inside!

FOX's upcoming 'Axe Cop' adaptation may not get as much publicity as its prime time counterparts, but you can bet we'll be there to check out the July 27 series premiere. The latest trailer out of FOX's Upfront presentation does a good job selling the absurdity of the series, as a highlight among the footage is the presence of 'Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito as comic character "Army Chihuahua."

‘Axe Cop’ itself chronicles the adventures of an axe-wielding police officer and his array of sidekicks, and was created in 2010 by then 5-year-old Malachai Nicolle, who supplies the stories and ideas for the comics as his adult brother Ethan Nicolle illustrates. In addition to 'Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman as the titular character, the full voice cast will include Offerman’s wife Megan Mullally, Patton Oswalt, Ken Marino, Peter Serafinowicz and guest stars such as ‘Breaking Bad‘s’ Jonathan Banks, ‘Mad Men‘s’ Jared Harris, rapper "Tyler, The Creator," Rob Huebel, and ‘Community‘ creator Dan Harmon.

Showrunner Matt Silverstein said of the TV series’ inspiration, “Malachai is very much involved in the writing of the show,” adding that “He’s not making it up; it’s in his head [already].” Writers frequently call the boy to ask his opinion on the stories, who returns with bizarre and funny suggestions they themselves might never have imagined. The animation block will debut along with ‘High School USA!,’ and an untitled project from Kenny and Keith Lucas debut on Saturday, July 27 from 11:00 PM – 12:30 AM.

Get a load of the latest 'Axe Cop' trailer below, and hit the comments with your thoughts on the series!