Cannes Film Festival

First Look at Colin Farrell in ‘Killing of a Sacred Deer’
The 2017 Cannes Film Festival lineup (announced earlier this morning) is stacked with some of our most highly-anticipated titles of the year, including new films from Todd Haynes, Sofia Coppola and Yorgos Lanthimos. The director of The Lobster has returned with The Killing of a Sacred Deer, which reunites him with Colin Farrell — who appears to be playing yet another sad sack for his second outing with the director, and if anyone knows how to make the most of mopey, schlubby Colin Farrell, it’s Lanthimos.
Cannes 2017 Lineup: Sofia Coppola! Todd Haynes! Bong Joon-ho!
Good morning! Chances are that you’re just getting up and at ’em now, but a few time zones ahead in sunny France, the film industry has had a busy day. This morning saw the official announcement of the Cannes Film Festival’s class of 2017, with the full Competition and Un Certain Regard slates announced by head honcho Thierry Frémaux in a live press conference in the wee small hours of this morning. As ever, the Competition lineup (the most prestigious program in the world’s most prestigious film festival) boasts a deep roster of cinema’s most respected auteurs, ready to pull back the curtain on some tantalizing-sounding new projects. But let’s not talk around the real news here: Adam Sandler’s going to Cannes, baby.
George Miller to Ride Shiny and Chrome Into Cannes as Jury President
It turns out that in Hollywood, all you need to do to command the respect of your elite group of peers is direct a new project every five or six years. It doesn’t even matter if your filmography is marred with stretches of talking-animal-based missteps, so long as your name is George Miller, and the movies you sporadically make are as spectacularly good as the Mad Max films...
Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Will Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival
I had the great fortune to see Pixar’s Up for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, when it premiered there in 2009. Cannes is basically the best place on Earth to see a movie; the main theater at the festival has perfect projection and sound and the film’s 3D was so good my palms started sweating during the climactic setpiece because it felt like I was thousands of feet in the air. I’m not going back to Cannes this year (DAMMIT) but those in attendance will get a chance to have a similar experience when Pixar’s newest movie, Inside Out, makes its world premiere at the festival over a month before it opens in theaters.
‘Only God Forgives’ Trailers Unleash the Devil Before It Hits Up Cannes
'Only God Forgives,' starring Ryan Gosling before his "break from acting," is prepping to make its premiere at this year's Cannes, the same place 'Drive' debuted in 2011. The film festival is just around the corner (May 16), so to prepare you for what we're about to see, here's are two all-new trailers, featuring some pretty intense footage.
Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove': Eli Roth’s New Series Will “F— Up an Entire Generation”
While much of the anticipation for Netflix's upcoming original content ends up dominated by the May 26 release of 'Arrested Development' season 4, acclaimed director Eli Roth's new series 'Hemlock Grove' will offer subscribers horror like they've never seen before, pushing the boundaries of even cable's most mature content. The new series premieres in its entirety on April 19, but how would you li
‘No’ Review
You'll see 'No' sometime after its limited release date on February 15th. I had the good fortune to watch it on February 4th, the day after the Super Bowl, our country's unofficial national holiday for advertising; the one day of the year when viewers go to the bathroom during the entertainment programming so they won't miss the commercials. We take Super Bowl ads seriously as art as well as comme
Kanye West Bringing His Film To the Cannes Film Festival. Wait, What?
Remember a while back when Kanye West went on a late-night Twitter tirade, promising everything from a live-action ‘Jetsons’ movie and his “Cosby Show sweater” memories to a “seven screen experience,” whatever that may be. Well, credit to Kanye, because this week at the Cannes Film Festival, one of those promises comes to fruition.

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