'Thor 2' GIFs!
The new 'Thor 2' trailer has us pretty excited. It looks like a big improvement on the original and a continuation of the awesomeness that was 'The Avengers.' So as we watched this trailer again (and again), we decided to create some 'Thor 2' GIFs based off some of our …
Oscar GIFs
The Oscars are always entertaining (well, maybe not always) and what better way to commemorate the 2013 Oscars than with our favorite animated GIFs from this year's show. And hey, thanks to these Oscar GIFs we have documented evidence of Tommy Lee Jones having a sense of humor!
Animated GIFs Review ‘Battleship’
Our official 'Battleship' review has already been posted and has dissected, at length, the merits of a movie based on a kids board game. But if you really need a second opinion, we gathered a group of experts and asked for their opinion.
The Week in TV: An Animated GIF Wrap-Up
If you're looking for the best moments this week in TV had to offer, look no further. We've got a rundown of all of your favorites -- in GIF form! From 'Parks and Recreation' to 'Mad Men,' we've got it covered.