The 'Pacific Rim' footage that played Wonder Con was finally released online today, and we can't get enough peeks at Guillermo del Toro's upcoming, very epic robots vs. monsters flick. Instead of rewatching the trailer over and over, we decided to compile the best 'Pacific Rim' GIFs created from the most awesome moments in the trailer.

'Pacific Rim' looks amazing, and as if we didn't get enough from the first official trailer, the special trailer created for Wonder Con is even better -- more giant robots, more giant Kaiju monsters, and tons of co-star Charlie Day, whom we hadn't really seen in the previous footage, and as expected, he's playing a geeky science-type.

The plot follows a not-too-distant future, where giant monsters called Kaiju (think Godzilla, only crazier) rise from the sea to kill humans and devour our resources, inciting a long and horrific war. To defeat the monsters, humans designed a battle system of huge robots called Jaegers, piloted by two people who share a neural link to the bots. As Day notes in the trailer, they're "2,500 tons of awesome" -- indeed.

We loved this footage so much that we decided to GIF the best, most awesome moments from the trailer so you can get a better look at the robot-on-monster action and some of the beautiful designs director Guillermo del Toro and his team have created.