If you're looking for the best moments this week in TV had to offer, look no further. We've got a rundown of all of your favorites -- in GIF form! From 'Parks and Recreation' to 'Mad Men,' we've got it covered.

Liz asserts her stance on the Chris Brown scandal in this week's '30 Rock.'


Probably the best moment in TV all week -- Ben Wyatt of 'Parks and Recreation' can't handle scotch like Ron.


Jean-Ralphio pops up for a surprise visit in the season finale of 'Parks and Rec'!


If you aren't watching 'Veep,' the new show from Armando Iannucci ('In the Loop') on HBO, you are seriously missing out. The show is a laugh-a-second assault on your funny bone.


Peggy finds a new way to answer the phone when Don calls on 'Mad Men.'


A close runner-up for best GIF of the week is this one from 'Mad Men,' where Don, Peggy, and Ken react when told they can't smoke in the Cool Whip lab. Don's face is incredible.


Hannah finally asserts her needs to Adam on this week's 'Girls' while sporting some questionable fake eyebrows. As Adam notes, she "looks like a Mexican teenager. With rules."


Abed goes meta with his Don Draper impression on 'Community.' Alison Brie's reaction is too precious.


The evening edition of "Troy and Abed in the Morning."


'Community' earns three spots this week with Britta's experimental drug use. That hair!


Over on 'Game of Thrones,' Tyrion finally lays the smack down on that obnoxious twit Joffrey, but we can't tell which is better: the smack, or the smack-talk after?