Hatfields and McCoys

‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Review: “Part Three”
Those Hatfields and McCoys look to be on the verge of their own private Civil War. With bounty hunters after the Hatfields and jurisdiction disputes growing worse, things aren't looking so good for either side. The conclusion of The History Channel's 'Hatfields & McCoys' …
‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Makes Cable Ratings History
Over a century after their infamous family feud ended, the Hatfields and McCoys have made history once again, this time on TV. History's three-part miniseries, which concluded last night, is now the highest rated non-sports broadcast in basic cable history. That's something any Hatfield or…
‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Review: “Part Two”
At the end of the first episode of 'Hatfields & McCoys,' Johnse Hatfield's fate was up in the air, and the love-ridden Roseanna McCoy ran to the Hatfields to tell them that her family had kidnapped their kin, effectively betraying her own yet again.

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