Regardless what you feel about 'Arrow' breaking its "no powers" rule to incorporate the Flash into season 2 for a potential spinoff series down the line, casting announcements for the iconic DC speedster will arrive any day before filming gets underway on September 30. While we wait for the news, at least two names have emerged to potentially fill the Flash's yellow boots as Dr. Barry Allen, but from where might we know them?

According to the usually reliable scoops at Latino Review, screen testing will soon begin on three actors vying to bring the Flash to life on 'Arrow' this season. Only two of the three names in contention for the part have been made clear, though supposedly Australian actor James Mackay and 'Hatfields & McCoys' star Matt Barr remain finalists for the part.

Barr himself has a bit of CW history guesting on the now-canceled 'Hellcats' (itself produced by 'Smallville' star Tom Welling). Judging by the recent addition of 'Spartacus' star Cynthia Addai-Robinson as 'Arrow''s incarnation of DC character Amanda Waller, we'd expect any 'Flash' character to operate outside of DC's ongoing cinematic universe, soon to expand with 'Batman vs. Superman' and eventually, the big 'Justice League' team up.

In addition to incorporating references to Metamorpho and the Atom, ‘Arrow’ season 2 will pick up on October 9 some time after the events of season 1 finale “Sacrifice,” continuing its ‘Batman Begins’-influenced storytelling with the addition of new villains Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro), League of Assassins member Al-Owal (‘Homeland”s Navid Negahban) and DC character Sin (‘The Killing”s Bex Taylor Klaus). Guest stars Colton Haynes (Roy Harper), Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson) and Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) have also been upgraded to series regulars for the second year in Starling City.

Well, what say you? Does either name have you excited to see the Flash speed through 'Arrow' season 2, guesting in three episodes over the year until a potential spinoff? Who would you like to see don the iconic lightning costume? Check out the latest 'Arrow' season 2 trailer below, and give us your casting picks in the comments!

UPDATE: 'Glee' star Grant Gustin has been named third in the race to cast 'The Flash,' says Latino Review.

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